title. Sox for Socks

year.  2016

location. Boston

creative.  Jude Sinese, Lawson Clarke

DP.  Timothy Mollen

Agency.  Hill Holliday

"Access to shoes and socks is often limited for the homeless men and women living in shelters and on the streets. Rain-soaked feet, ill-fitting shoes, constant standing and diseases like diabetes take their toll on the feet of homeless people. Every day, BHCHP's nurses and physicians treat a huge range of foot ailments - from trench foot to skin infections, from frostbite to nail diseases. The best way to prevent such conditions is to keep feet clean and dry - very difficult if you spend your days outside. Clean, white socks are a staple of homeless health care and make a real difference in the lives of our patients and the quality of care that we can provide." -BHCHP

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